Suspicious suitcase found

A suspicious suitcase was found in a shopping.The suitcase was in a store and the girl's money was stole.The girl talked to a policeman that her money was stole and the policeman arrested the suspicious, but the girl's money disappeared and the suspicious escaped.The money was never found and the suspicious was fugitive. However,  the shopping gave her a good part of the money that was stole in the place.

My plans for the future


I am really concerned about my future.Right new I am studying at Instei middle school.classes are sometimes resly difficult,but i am doing this because I want to be a liutenant. When I graduate from.I like to study English and I hope to finish my studies by the year 2010. Iwould also like to get married before I am 28 and before I have my own house.I alse hope to have at least 4 children:2 boys and 3 girls,Finaly.I would like to help poors .

Current mood: Happy




One afternoon,a big wolf that was orphan and hungry because he was poor,was waiting in a dark forest for his hunger to go away.when he saw a little girl coming along carrying a basket of food.He wanted to ask her for food but he was very shy.

"Are you carrying that basket to your grandmother?" He asked.

the little girl said,"Yes,I am"

Next, he decided to to the grandmother's house to be her frind.but when he arrived there she didn't listen to him and afraid of his hight started to hit the poor wolf.Like"the flash"he devoured the grandmother.When the litte girl arrive she didn't want to linten to him and killed the wolf. 


My favorite story

 My favory story is Cinderella because my mother used to read it for me when i was 3 years old.this story is about a girlwhose father died and she had to live with her stedmother and her two stepsisters who made her work a lot doing the house dishes.when she grow up she found a boythat made her feelt in love with him.They had to face a lot of problens but they won and was happy for eternity.I like this story because,despyde,theirproblens they could be happy in the end and it makes me fell so hopeful about my future and my probles too.Laughing

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