Tongue out    

         Brigadier !     

                First margirine is put into the pot with condesado milk  after is put nescau and mix it second you put the brigadier in slow cooking , after roll it, put granulated and eaten it.

Current mood: Dead

Animal Extinction


April 22 is Earth day. We know there are many problems with the world. One of these problems is Animal Extinction, this is a terrible problem because are killedsome species of animals. This problem afect the food chain when one specie is extinct may cause the extinction of more species because the predator don´t have food to eat and dies. Another cause of this problem are the hunters because they kill some animals. We can contribuite to araid problems by creatin some safe places for the animals, put more ranger and don´t hunt the animals..


Current mood: Bored

Raphael the PlayBoy

     Iam really worried about my future. I am studying in Leonardo da Vinci. Classes are so difficult. I am studying so hard because I want to be an Engineer. When I graduate from Hight School. I hope to enter in UNB of Robotics Engenieering. I like to study to study math, phisic and I love to lie. I will do some Robots for descovering the nunber of Mega Sena. I want to have ten childrens and seven womem one for a day. I hope tobuy giraffas for eat girralanche every day. Would I like to buy only seventeen ferraris for me and kill Samuel with one. And now the more important I hope to buy all the GIRLS OF THE PLAY BOY MEGAZINE.


Current mood: Big-Smiley

The Three Little Pigs


One morning the wolf woke .up early, took a shower, ate his breakfast and he went to his job in a police station. His  friend fox ran to him and told him of one pig who had robbed some houses and some lands. The wolf took his cell phone and called  his friend dog. And he said to the dog: " I need your help, the dangerous pig is attacking again," but the dog was busy with the case of the cat and he couldn't help the wolf. The wolf ran to the forest to find the pig.

In this same morning two hours before  the mother of the pigs said to the three pigs: "Today is the most important day in your lives. Today you are big pigs. I will give to you five thousand dollars for you to make your houses." The three pigs said good bye to their mom and went to the forest to buy the land and the things for their houses.

The wolf found one pig and followed him. The pig gave three thousand dollars to the turtle and went to other land to buy straw and the pig took the straw and made a house in the land. At this moment, the wolf thought this was the dangerous pig and went to the straw house and said: "Get out dangerous pig. If you don't get out, I will destroy your house." The pig didn't get out and the wolf said: "One, two, three..." and destroyed the pig's house. But now two pigs ran to another land and the wolf ran after the pig. But now this house was stronger. This house was made if bricks  and the wolf said: get out dangerous pig and your other friend. If tou don´t get out I will distroi your house.". The pig and his friend didin´t get out and the wolf said "One, two, three..." but this time the house was stronger than wolf and the wolf wasn´t distroi the house! The wolf tried one time, two two times, three times and nothing happened with the house and the wolf saw the house and found a chimney whe he was in the chimney the pigs put fire in the chimney and in the wolf. Today the wolf was in the hospital and he resigned from his job . He was just doing his job.

 Things usually are not what they look like. 

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            My favorite story is cinderella my mother told me this story when i had seven years old. It was about a beautifful poor woman that worked for her Stepmother the characters was Cinderella the beautifull poor woman, the sisters is the douther of stepmother and they don´t liked Cinderella to. The Prince was a beautifull rich man who love cinderella and he went to married with cinderella. You can be vary happy with you love your life. When cinderella married with the prince and they were very happy. I like the end of the story emotion I cry every time.

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