My neighborhood


   Have you ever been to Noth Taguatinga? You have to came! I live in QND. Here it's a good nei neighborhood! The pedestrians are very friendly. Well, there is a lot of traffic at 7 o'clock, but in the afternoon the public transportation is better tran the other neighborhoods.

      Near my house there is a park and I love to go there to ride a bike. There are many bakeries, the bread is delicious.

     In Taguatinga there aren't wide streets like Plano Piloto, there are narrow streets.

    It takes only 30 minutes to go the park "Go who like (Vai quem quer)". My father loves there, because there is a lot of greenery and there are spicy and sweet foods in there restaurants and he loves it.

    I was born in Plano Piloto, but I like Taguatinga, it's very comfortable.


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Running Errands

In my house my father help me to clean the house. He washes the dishes, he cooks the luch,sometimes he sweeps the floor,he washes the car, he pickes up me in the school, he helps me a lot. But the other things I do, like I wash the clothes, clean the house, make a grocerie list. Yeah it's this my and my father's errands in the house.
God bless you
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Water pollution

Water pollution is a big problem. In Brazil there is the most pollutioned river of the world, in São Paulo city. When the rivers have pollution, the animals that go there to drink water will be contaminated and finally die. The persons can be contaminated too, when they drink contaminated ground water. This is also calsed because the swage spills in the clean water. The ones responsability for this problem is the population and the big indrutries that pollution. People can't put garbage in the river.

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My beeeest birthday

        When I was fourteen, my family and my friends prepared a surprise party for me in my fifteen-years-old birthday. On my birthday my classmates cooked one cake for me, first I was so happy, but many persons didn't call me and didn't remember my birthday.

       In the afternoon I watched a movie with my father. And at night my father sad to me: "We'll go to your sister's house", and me: "That's ok!". We went to my sister's house and when I opened the door they sad: "Happy birthday to you!". There were my family and my friends of my church, I was very happy, it was fantastic, it was my best birthday.


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