Films made by 2A students

In our last visit to the MALL, sudents in 2A played with Dfilm and made some interesting movies. Here are some of them: The Big Party  by Marco Túlio, The Pricess Party  by Daniela Megumi, Cruise by Nair, GDT Party by Amanda and Vinicius, Ship's Party by Jessyca and Raquel, and  My Party byBarbara Chistina. Some other films were made, but there was someproblem sending them to me (the teacher). I think it probably happened because there were too many people using the site at the same time. Great job guys.


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Blogging about Earth day


My students have created wonderful paragraphs discussing some evironmental problems we have to celebrate Earth day. I have noticed that they have a great level of awareness about some of the problems affecting out planet and how we can solve them. Some of the drawings they created to illustrate this topic were really amazing. Like the one you can see on this page created by Alexandre.

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