First margine and condensed milk are put on the pot . Next chocolate is mixed then and the fire is ligth.Atention, dont't forget to mix it . After that the brigadeiro is put on the fridge. After 15 minutes the brigadeiro is eaten.


Ozone depletion

April 22 is Earth day . We know there are many environmental problems that threaten our planet . One of these problems is ozone depletion . This is a terrible problem because it changes the climate making  the days hotter and meltting the polar  ice caps . Humans are responsable for  these problems because they pollute the air . One thing the humans can do to reduce this , is to  pollute less.



My plans for the future !

I am really concerned about my future. I am studing at Jesus Maria José . Classes are sometimes really funny but The test is really dificult . I hope to be psychologist. When I graduate from college in psychology, I hope open my own office and I hope to get marry. I would to be rich and famous, I would like to live in the USA with my husband. I would like to have two childrens. I will help my parents to have a goood life when they are old because My parents helped me when I needed. I hope to be very happy.Tongue out

The three little pigs



   Once upon a time, the time when the animals spoke, three little happy pigs lived in the house of ther mother. Another day the three little pigs had to leave the home of the mother and each of them had been buiding their own home . The first little pig built his house out of strow , the second built his house out of sticks and the tird built his house out of bricks because is stronger . At ninght a wolf appeared and he blew the house of strow down and the first little pig ran to the second house, the wolf blew the house of second pig and down and the two little pigs went home to the tird  house. The wolf blew but he failed and he fell to the ground and began to cry.

   The three little pigs were sad when they saw the wolf and they gaved the house of bricks him .

Current mood: Happy

Snow white



My mom told this story for me when I had two years old. Once upon a time there lived a lovely little princess named Snow white. She had  a stepmother. Her stepmother was afraid of Snow white was more beatiful than her. She gaved a poisoned apple to Snow white and She fainted. The seven dwaves ran and helped Snow white but they were later. The Prince.who already knew Snow white, kissed her. Suddenly, the eyes of couple are opening up, as the finished the wake of a deep sleep.The Prince and Snow white got married and lived happy forever. The mensange of the story is : Don't acept thinks from strange people. I like this story because It's romatic.

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