The murder


One man was murdered near his house when his entered in a fight with a drunk man.He was murdered with a gun,the drunk man wasn't  identified.He left the scene running and was seen by a woman.Three days later the woman saw the murderer stealing some beers of a bar near scene of the murder.


How to cooking noodles

Fist two glass of water are put in the pan after that you are put the pan on the fire and wait for 5 minutes next the noodles are put on the pan next they are cooked for five minutes the pan next the package with spices is added then the noodles are ready.

Global warming


We know there are meny environmental problems that threaten our planet. One of these problems is the global warming this is a terrible because it makes the deforestation it is also causes by the burning fossil fuel besides that ,it is also responsible for melting of the polar ice caps . 

 to solve this problem people should stop with the burning fossil fuel,companies can also do their part and stop to produce a lot of cars or use electric cars .


My own future


I'm really concerned about my future.Right now I'm studing at objetivo.Classes are sometimes really easy.I want ti be an accountant and hope to be very rich like my uncle and have my own office.I don't' want ti get married before I'm 30.I would like to get married and have 10 children I also hope to die happy.


One tale of the three pigs


In so far far away there were three pigs and they were having a birthday party they invited all the florest animals except the wolf.At the party they drank so muchbeerand they got drunk while they were in the party the wolf was looking for food then the wolf knew about the party he went to the party when he entered the party all the guests ran the pigs didn't run bacause they wereso much drunk the wolf ate the three pigsand took the house for him.

Moral:don't to drink so much

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