How to make a cake.

At first the filtered water is put into a bowl, but don't forget, the water must be hot. Then the flour is put in the same bowl and it is mix them. After they are mix for 5 minutes the baking powder is put on the mix of the flour and the water. So the mix is put in the blender and wait for 10 minutes. At finally the mix is put in the oven for 45 minutes.

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Water Pollution


   On April 22 we celebrate Earth Day. We know there are a lot of problems in the world and one of those is the water pollution. This is a terrible problem because it affects the groundwater and people are drinking this water.
   The humans are responsible for this problem. So they should do something about this problem. About this problem I want to do a protest, to raise people's awareness. So I will contribute to this solution raising awareness.
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   I am really concerned about my future. Right now I am studyng in the middle school at Marista Champagnat. The classes are not really difficult, but I want to be a famous doctor like my sister. When I graduate the high school, I am going to enter in a university called Católica to study medicine. Then when I graduate from college I would like to win a lot of money and travel around the world. I hope to get marry with a hot, handsome and famous actor who loves me very much. Of course, I will have to love him too. I want to get marry with 27 years old, before I have my own money and house. Finally I would like to help people in Africa. 

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The Little Mermaid



                                           The little mermaid

   Once upon a time a young mermaid who liked to go up the surface and looking at the humans . She wanted be one.

   She went to the witch of the sea and made an ageement, but the witch of sea made a proposal. If the mermaid could make the prince fall in love and kiss her in five days she would be a human forever, but if she couldn't do it, she would be punished. So then the mermaid accepted the agreement.

   When she got in the surface she met the prince and tried to win the love of the prince, but she couldn't do it. Then she was transformed in the sand of the sea.

    The moral of the story is, if you make a promisse, make sure that you willbe able to do it.

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          My favorite story is Jumanji. Nobody told me it, I watched it in the television when i was five years old. The characters of the movie were two adults and two children who had to win a game where all the charades became reality. The message of this film is that the work of team and patience, whwn they finished the game, everything returned to normal. The end of this story was fantastic. The first I saw this film I cried. It's a very nice movie.   Wink

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