Earthquacke in China killed 3 million of people


 In the morning, the houses and supermarket were destroyed by earthquacke and 50 million people were injured and 3 million people were killed in Beijing, China.

              The emergency service was called and arrived ten hours later because of heavy rush hour traffic.

               The family of the victims were sad when they knew the news and food and clothes were sent for victims. 

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How to play Age of Empires II: Age of King.

          First, CD is inserted in drive. After, the game is clicked on Single Player and clicked on Campaigns Games. In Campaign Games, the game is shown five campaigns. The first campaign is shown the war between Scotland and England and Scotland is comanded by William Wallace, the braveheart (you). The second campaign is shown the war between England and France in The One Hundred Years and France is comanded by Joan D' Arc (you). The third campaign is shown the Cruzade and sarracens are comanded by Saladin (you). The fourth campaign is shown the mongol's invade China and mongols are comanded by Genghis Khan (you). The history of Holy Roman Empire last campaign is shown and it is comanded by Barbarossa (you).


Earth Day


  April 22 is Earth Day. We all know the world has it's problems,particularly where the environment is concerned. One of these problems is global warming. This is a terrible problem because it destroys Ozone Layer with CFC. It causes deaths. There are some factors responsible for this problem. One of these, is CFC. Another cause of global warming is cutting many trees of forests, ex: Amazon. In Brazil, many people have devices releasing CFC into the atmosphere. To solve this problem, people should stop making devices with CFC or using those objects less. Companies should stop using CFC. One thing I can do to reduce CFC is stop using it.

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My plans for the future.


 I am really concerned about my future. Right now I am studying my school. When I graduate from school, I hope to work in school, hospital or office. I want to be teacher, doctor or archeology and I hope to have enough money. I hope to find a girlfriend who loves me. Of course, Iwill have to love her too. I don't want to be married before I have a good job, an apartment with my girlfriend and I am 23. I want to have 2 or 3 children, boys or girls, and a beautiful apartment in Águas Claras or other countries. I hope to travel with my family to Europe or Asia. I want to have a good car. I want to help my parents when they're old.

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The wolf and the hunter


             Once upon a time, a hunter named Wrotinade was walking in the forest to hunt a wolf. In the middle of forest, Wrotinade saw the wolf and decided to take a shot. The hunter shot the wolf and decided to carry the wolf to his house.

              Afterwards, in his home, Wrotinade was tired and decided to go to bed. At midnight, Wrotinade heard a strange noise and saw the wolf ghost. The wolf ghost told Wrotinade:

              -Why did you kill me? I'm a vegetarian and I never hurt anything. I love eating the grandmother's food. It's delicious. If you kill any animal, you will be dead, too.

              Wrotinade was getting scaried and felt sorry for having done so.

               After that scary night, Wrotinade made the decision of stopping hunting animals because he promised it to the wolf ghost.

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