Cat's Family

Last Saturday four firefighters were called to go to athe Central Park to rescue a family of cats. The cats were standing near a high-voltage pole. The cats were rescued by the firefighters. All began when a pregnant cat went up a big tree abd kittens were born, then the cats couldn't go down the tree.Surprised



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Rich and Romantic Boy

I'm fourteen years old and I want to study hard next year to get points in PAS and be graded. Now I'm studying in Leonardo da Vinci, the classes are boring but few teachers are cool. I study English in Thomas Jefferson to go to United States in the future, I don't know what I'm going to be, but I want a profession that I don't have to work hard and make a lot of money. After I get lot of money I'm going to look for the most beautiful girl to get married to her. We are going to be so happy.I want to have 2 children. I'm going to teach them how to ride a motorcycle and we're going to run all the day.That's my future.

 CoolTongue outWink

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The Grandmother's Story


       One day, my mother said to her daughter to visit me and give me some candies. I was waiting when someone knocked on the door, when I opened it, I saw the wolf. The wolf put me on the closet. Two hours later a beautiful man opened the closet and saved me. I felt so thrilled, the man went out and I married the wolf.

 "Nothing is Impossible."





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My Favorite Story

     My favorite story us John and Joseph, my father told me this story when I was five years old. The story is about two little brothers, they were walking around the forest, when they found a cottage. The cottage had a lot of candy,lolly pops and chocolate.John and Joseph went into the house and found the witch, the bad witch took him to a cage.She wanted to ate the brothers , but they were more intelligent and killed the witch. This end is too anazing and I was not have another i nmy mind. I feel so good when my father told me this story.Tongue out
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