Mother kills baby


Yesterday, five girls were passing near Taguatinga shopping when they saw  baby crying, with a  lot of blood.

Ten woman were involved in this murder. It happened when the baby's mother got angry with the kid, because, she didn't want to eat all the food. So, her friends were called and the baby was killed.

People of all the world were sad, because no one could belive that a mom would kill her baby. All the murderes were taken to the prision.


                                                               Kimberly xD


How to Cook Omelete

                                           Omelete             Wink      

 First, the eggs are broken, then the eggs are mixed, after that a little bit of salt are put with the eggs and it is mixed again. Cheese, tomatoes and ham are put with it too, so the frying-pan is put in the stove and the eggs with the condiments are put in the frying-pan, you wait a little and your omelete is done.



Earth day


April 22 nd is Earth day. We all know there are many environmental problems that threaten our planet. One of these problem is Global warming. This a terrible problem because we can die of  Global warming. It also causes the  melting of the polar caps. The some factors responsible for that, is the pollution of the industries and of the cars, and the deforestation. To solve this problem people should stop using cars, only bycicles and industries should be eliminated.  =D


Kim's future!!!!!!!!


I'm really concerned about my future. Right now, I'm studying at Leonardo da Vinci. When I finished middle school, I hope to pass to UNB for medicine, I would like to be a famous doctor and I want to have my own office. I hope to buy a big house and after that, I want to get married. I would like to take a lot of vacations with my husband and then, I hope to have two kids. Finally, I hope to take the rest of my life in California...

                                              =) kim




Cinderella was a girl who had two halfsisters, she did all the chores for her sisters. One day, The Prince had a party and met Cinderella, then they fell in love, but Cinderella had to back home, and left her shoe there. The Prince went looking for his love.So, he found Cinderella, and she married him. Cinderella was very angry with her halfsisters because they explored her. Cinderella took the crystal shoe, and hit her sisters with it, and they died.

Well, the moral of the story is revenge is good!!!!!!!

                                                  Kim =)

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