A soccer game##

First, the ball is placed in the soccer field, second the whistle is blown, then the soccers players run for the ball, after that, the players are call by the coach and they has a little chat, next, the goal is made by the soccer player, after, a team wins and the other looks sad, and the other a lot happy, finally the news put the soccer game on TV.

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Global warming

     The global warming is over our planet, this makes people die, because it is very hot.The people do that and dont do anything about, they are doing that with cars, buses and that is the pollution (global warming).The world are the vilains, but the U.S.A is the worse, because they care more for money and next come the population.They should creative a prision just for people who done that. And I will do a rebelian, together we can change the world.

Current mood: Angry

The perfect life

   I have a lot of plans for my future.Im writting a book, so I want be a writer, I hope be an actor, a singer and a producer I would like to have my own company of art, to help poor people who want to be actors or singers. Iwant live in a mansion and I hope toh have 4 cars. I would like to have 3 kids and I want live in France. I want get married at 25. Finally I want be very rich and help the world.Cool
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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Goldlocks and one day she went for a walk in the forest and in the middle of the forest she found a little house.The door was open so she got inside, when she got in there were three bouls of porridge on the table, there was the daddy bear boul of porridge, a medium-size mommy bear`s  boul, and a tiny baby bear`s boul, and she ate the baby boul, when she finished she got up the stairs and splept on the baby bed, when she was sleeping the bears arrived home, and when they saw the girl they ate her!!!

 Moral of the story: never trust bears!

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Little mermaid

defaultMy favorite story is little mermaid, I saw this movie when a had 9 years old, Its a story who a teen mermaid want be a human because she loved a prince, the characters are, Ariel, Erik, Triton, Sebastian, and others.The message of this story is when you want something, faith for it!!The end she can be a human and the prince and her are happy ever after.I liked this story because are romantic and is a good comedy, make you feel happy!!

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