The Drugs Traffickers


This morning five drugs traffickers were arrested. They were found in Samambaia.One of them was selling drugs and another four drugs traffickers were sleeping in the house not far from there. The Police was involved in drug because a man said "I was walking when I heard people talking about money with the police".The detectives conversation about the recorded drugs and were found the drugs trafficker in the house.


How to cooking noodles

First  a pan is taken after that 2 glasses of water are put in the pan next the storv is turned on and the noodles put in pan.Second The noodles are cooked in the pan for 5 minutes after that the noodles are taken for the pan and package is put in the noodles.The noodles are ready. ;D

Water Pollution


April 22nd is Earth day. We know there are many environmental problems that threaten our planet. One of these problems is "Water Pollution". This is a terrible problem because it makes people sick, it also kills the animals. Besides that, it is also responsible for extincy the animals and a lot of diseases. The some factors responsible for accid rain. To solve this problem people should cleaning waters, protecting the animals. Companies can also do their part doing something to reduce pollution.



My Future

I am really concerned about my future. Right now I am studying at Leonardo da Vinci. Classes are sometimes very easy. I have a lot of plans for the future how I want study at UNB for Robotica Engineering. When I graduate from college, I hope build my robot and new future car but I don't like study. I would like to for a private robot.I want get married and have a lot of houses in diferents countrys. I hope to study germany and french because I would like Paris and German beer , I hope to finish my studiesby the year 2015. I don't want live in Brasil because I wish to live in Germany. I would like to help my parents to have a good life when they are old and can't work anymore


The beauty and the Beast


When the beauty's father traveled, she asked him to buy a rose. While he was traveling, he solved several businesses after he finished, he went back home. In the forest was terrible storm, that lost the way. In forest he found a place where he ate and sleped. The other day he was going to find a rose, but he steal from the beast which left him very angry, the beast had eaten the Beauty's father.

The moral of this story, never accept things from strangers because him want eat you.

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