My City

     Do you thig Taguatinga is bad? Do you think of traffic congestion? Do you think Taguatinga is old? No, you are wrong. Taguatinga is beautiful and there ae a lot of nice people. There are big Park and everything is near. We don't have traffic congestion. There are besutiful cars and the people are polite. Tguatinga is a city that everyone dreams to live in. The city is clean and everybody helps everybody. There are beautiful shops and the supermarkets are big and it has everything you want. The food is the best and there are many options: Japanese food, mexican food, fast food. This city is the best.


Running Errands

        In my house everybody does something except me. My mother makes a grocery list and picks up the dry cleanning, My grandmother cooks the lunch and wash the dishes, My aunt clean the house and unload the groceries. My Brother get me from the school and does a litle things in the house. We don't have a maid.

greenhouse effect



April 22 is earth day. we know there are many environment problems that threaten our planet. One of these problems is greenhouse effect. The effect produced as greenhouse gases allow in coming solar radiation to pass through the Earth's atmosphere, but prevent most of the out goig infrared radiation from the surface and lower atmosphere from escaping into outer space. This process occurs naturally and has kept the Earth's temperature about 60 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than it would otherwise be. Current life on Earth could not be sustained without the natural greenhouse effect.


My favorite memory

My favorite memory was my fifteen years old's party. It was wonderful and magic for me, it was on march, 8. It was a lot of fun. I had a lot of friends and everybody went to my party. I was a little nervous, O.K. I was a lot odf nervous but everything was good. My mother was very happy, because was her dream too. I didn't do everything I wanted because was a lot of thing to do but I did a lot . My friends liked very much. everybody drank and ate. Oh!!! I forgot and everybody danced. My partie was perfect.
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About me


My name is Bárbara, I'm 15 years old and I was born in Brasília. I like to listen music and play sports, I don't like to study and run. I live with my mother, brother, grandmother and my aunt. I don't have orkut. I have a dog, his name is Bob and he is black. I love my friends, my family and I love parties. I study in marista a very long time.

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About me
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